Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Crazy EU rules!

We've been making and selling CS for about five years now, I got interested in it when my mum died from C Dif, she went into hospital for a hip replacement, and died five months later, never having left the ward.

So I search the web for MRSA (which is what they told me it was that killed her, I only knew it was C Dif when I saw her death certificate) anyhow, having searched I found references to CS, looked more and realized I needed to know everything about this 'wonder' substance, and soon found out that I could make it at home, so I did, with a standard five 9volt battery set and some wire.

This carried on for a while, but (like everyone) I forgot to make the CS regularly, life got in the way, and so I only made it when I got sick! - dumb!! - we need to use it all the time to stay healthy, or at least defeat viral problems earlier and faster!

Soon friends started asking me for some, so (being an obliging person) I spent my evenings making free CS for friends and neighbors.

Soone enough I realised that I needed to make more, easier, so I looked for a gennie to make it faster, eventuially buying a pro version from Trem Williams at Silvergen (who's a gentleman and a scholar, really nice guy!) - Now I was able to make 20 liters a day, soooo.........

I started offering it to shops, and now five years later I still supply health shops and thought, OK let's make it a bigger operation.

When I first started selling I asked my gestor (Spanish accountant, we live in Spain) to register me, and after about twenty minutes he decided to register me as a 'mineral water' manufacturer and distributor, which I have worked under to date. However now, when Spain is much more EU observant, I found out that I needed a 'sanitary register number' - so, in true expat fashion I asked a specialist gestor to get one. He comes back with a list of requirements that will cost a fortune to install, however the main problem is this:


Now you may not see the problem, but it's this; if I add chlorine to my CS, it turns it from a perfectly harmless product into a totally dangerous one!

So, I must now relabel my products to read:

This product is for topical use only, and is deemed not suitable for human consumption.

By law all water sold in the E.U. region is required to have chlorine added to it before it can be classified as fit for consumption by humans. Colloidal Silver is made with pure distilled water with nothing added other than minuscule particles of pure .999% silver, created with electrostatic charge, at a strength of between 10-15ppm (parts per million). Adding Chlorine would make it unsafe to consume, as the chemical process that would occur between silver and chlorine is unacceptable, therefore this product may only be sold for topical usage.
If in doubt, or if you have queries regarding the usage of this product, please consult a professional health care provider before using.

That makes sense doesn't it!

Political agendas pervade the world of alternative health, and the biggest voice in health is BigPharma, who seek to control everything that can be used for health care. The argument is to ensure that the public can ONLY access what they sell. Colloidal silver is a natural thing, you can't get a patent over something which God created, so BigPharma can't actually make monopoly money from it as a product. Their average markup is 3000%, and there ain't no way to make that with Colloidal silver, it costs cents to make, but is sold at a markup which, when you account for bottling, labeling and delivery, is not sufficient for BigPharma to try and compete. No the fact is that BigPharma wants a captive market who have no alternative but to buy what they wish to sell them, at a price they determine.

To make matters even worse, the chemical compounds they sell will only treat the symptoms, not the cause of most modern complaints.

More later.....

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Marita said...

you have got the wrong classification, it should be Food Supplement.
Ask your Gestor to change your company´s description.
Good Luck