Saturday, 19 December 2009

Epilepsy - Jessicas story

Epilepsy - Jessicas story

The first sign of any problem with Jessica was just before she was three years old. I had stopped outside a supermarket to collect some grocery's, leaving Jess in the car with my wife, when suddenly Susanne was at the shop door shouting loudly for me to come quickly.

It was the first, but certainly not the last time I was called to witness our daughter having problems. This event was mild by comparison to later times, her first sign of problems to come was a drooling coming from her mouth, and a slight twitch over her right eye.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

As in the days of Noah....

As in the days of Noah....

Everyone has been affected by the latest banking crisis.

I call it a banking crisis because it's just that; not a credit crunch, but a banking crunch as lame ducks come home to roost with banks, now devoid of the greedy bankers who have made their money and run away to places where they can now sit back and enjoy watching the world fall apart.

Values drop, folks futures expire and people despair.

Like vultures in their Caribean hideaways, they hide and watch their money, ready to decend once again to pick the prize portions from the carcases of bankrupt people, as these sleaze bags acquire fire sale assets at knock down prices.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Carousel of life

Carousel of life

The following dragged me out of a deep sleep about 12 years ago, and I just had the whole thing, couldn't ignore it and immediately went to find pen and paper to record it.

I hope you can identify with it.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Copenhagen, trick or treaty?

Copenhagen, trick or treaty?

What do Prince Philip, the Bishop of London, Prince Hassan of Jordan, Bill Gates and the Dalai Lama, have in common?………….I urge you to read on because this threatens our freedom and future existence.


Friday, 13 November 2009

The 'J' Word

After 42 years of discussing every point of view, of being the ‘devils advocate’ in all situations, I have finally found a subject that is taboo to mention in polite society, or what amounts to my circle of ‘friends’ at least.

I call it the ‘J’ word, because it seems to specifically be this word which offends people, which starts them saying ‘look everyone’s entitled to their own views, I just don’t want to discuss this’.


Escatology - Whatever

Escatology - Whatever: "Whatever...
Guess you may be wondering about the whatever part of the title, well it does figure in eschatology, because it's how the world views Christ, His end times prophesies and those of us who try to tell a rapidly dying world where things went wrong, and the reply we get is normally....

Yeah, whatever
Well the 'whatever' will be kinda tough to experience"

Armageddon at Megiddo

Armageddon at Megiddo: "Think of Armageddon like an horror film, with one vital difference... the audience don't get up and go home at the end.

But like horror movies, you do have the choice to watch them or not, I'm just showing you the trailers so that you can decide whether you want to see the 'film' first hand!

Actually, not even see it, you'll be starring in it!"

Dosage instructions for using Colloidal Silver

Dosage instructions for using Colloidal Silver